Molinberry is a brand of multipurpose concentrated flavours, manufactured to the highest standards of the industry!
There are used and supplied in number of various businesses, like perfumes, scented candles, air fresheners, e-liquids.
Molinberry is a joint effort of two companies: Sobucky Ltd & Chemnovatic.
Bringing together understanding of the global market, highest technical capabilities and care for the customers individual needs,
resulted in a creation range of concentrates known worldwide.
The range offers single concentrates placed into taste categories with an ease-of-use in mind: sweet, mints, fruits, tobacco, beverages falling at 100 flavours in total.
Molinberry also offers multiple lines of complex flavours, common known as one shots, each with an exquisite handcrafted profile. let us present you m-line, raspberry revolution and one shot!
In addition to flavours we carry a line of additives to give your product that extra sweetness or a bite of cooling freshness.

Molinberry co-owner and official worldwide distributor to wholesale, retail and private customers alike. Company located in Poland & United Kingdom provides full marketing for Molinberry across social media platforms, during expos and with direct contact to customers. Sobucky is actively engaged in product development process according to the customer feedback, views and needs.
Molinberry co-owner and manufacturer of all brand flavouring dedicated to producers, bulk buyers and retail shops. Chemnovatic, located in Poland, specializes in pure nicotine processing, OEM production of concentrated flavours, wide range of nicotine products and e-liquids. Production is taking place in Poland at GMP certified facilities.
We are always happy to make valuable new contacts.
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